May 15, 2020

Protect ALL workers

Politicians are looking the other way while more workers die from COVID-19 every week. We must come together to pressure them to put our health ahead of business profits.

Register now to join the May 21 Day of Action to pressure Premier Ford to bring back Paid Sick Days (click here)

While many businesses in Ontario (including retail stores with street-front entrances and all construction sites) will be allowed to open their doors as of Tuesday, Premier Ford offered no real assurances for keeping workers safe -- other than telling us to stay home if we’re sick.

The reality is, far too many workers cannot afford to follow this basic advice. Let’s not forget that it was the Ford government that cancelled the very legislation that had given every Ontario worker 2 paid sick days per year. The pandemic has proven how deadly it can be when workers living paycheck to paycheck cannot take time off when ill. We need paid sick days for ALL so everyone can stay home today if they have symptoms, instead of having to forego income for 14 days to be eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Paid sick leave saves lives! We need at least 7 paid sick days on a permanent basis and an additional 14 during public health outbreaks to protect our communities -- especially while more people are getting called back to their workplaces.

  • Register to join the May 21 Day of Action for 21 paid sick days for ALL, sign up here. On Thursday May 21, we will be speaking out online and offline to demand this essential protection for all workers, visit our website to learn how you can participate.
    Poster_May 21 Action
  • Invite friends and co-workers to join us on May 21: Share the event on Facebook (click here) to invite others to join you. Or print May 21 posters to hang in your local grocery store or leaflets to slip in your neighbours' mailboxes (download them here).

  • Show your support for paid sick days: Choose from several posters celebrating our superhero frontline workers to show your support for paid sick days for ALL -- print and post them everywhere you can!

Download paid sick days posters

Join our next online organizing meeting on Tuesday, May 26 (sign up here) to be a part of the solution. And if you have any questions about the right to refuse unsafe work or accessing income supports during the pandemic, tune into our online workshop on Thursday, May 28 (register here).

Thanks for your ongoing support! If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation (click here) to help us organize more online meetings, phonebanks and workshops to keep fighting for these important rights.

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