A $15 Minimum Wage


  • An immediate $15 minimum wage for ALL
  • End sub-minimum wage rates and remove all exemptions to the general minimum wage for students, liquor servers, farm workers and others

Equal Pay for Equal Work


  • Equal pay, benefits, and working conditions for equal work regardless of our status as part-time, contract, or temporary workers
  • Pay transparency in our workplaces to enforce equal pay

Decent Hours


  • Overtime after an 8-hour day and 40-hour work week
  • Stop employers from averaging our overtime to reduce our overtime pay
  • Two (2) weeks advance notice of schedules
  • Offer additional hours to existing workers before hiring new people
  • Contracts that guarantee minimum hours of work each week
  • Paid coffee breaks

Paid Leave


  • At least 7 paid emergency leave days per year
  • Restore 10 job-protected emergency leave days for all
  • Prohibit employers from asking for a doctor's note when worker access their emergency leave days
  • 3 weeks of vacation for ALL workers

Protections for Migrant Workers


  • Ensure permanent residency status upon arrival for all new migrants, and permanent residency status for migrant and undocumented workers already here
  • No Employment Standards Act exemptions for employers of migrant workers
  • Regulate recruiters and stop illegal fees
  • Effective enforcement that include expedited anti-reprisals and community-led proactive inspections
  • Care workers and agricultural workers must have the right to unionize

Rules that Protect Everyone


  • Stop employer loopholes - end employer exemptions 
  • Expand the Employment Standards Act to include all workers (like Uber drivers)
  • Make companies at the top fully responsible for wages, working conditions and collective bargaining, even if they use temp agencies, franchises, or sub-contractors
  • Effective enforcement
    • Allow anonymous and third party complaints of employer violations and protect whistleblowers
    • Apply meaningful penalties for employers who break the law
    • Make employers pay damages to workers for the hardship caused by wage theft
    • More proactive (or surprise) inspections of workplaces

Job Security and Respect at Work


  • An end to workplace harassment and bullying
  • Job protection for workers who stand up for workers’ rights at work
  • Protection from unjust dismissal
  • Wage protection and union coverage when business ownership or contracts change (contract flipping)
  • Stop perma-temps – hire workers directly
    • Temp agency workers must become directly-hired workers of the client company after three (3) months of assignment
    • The company and temp agency must provide just cause if, at the end of the assignment, another temp worker is hired to do the work previously done by the temp agency worker
    • Implement a 20% cap on the number of temp agency workers used by a company at any given time
    • End all penalties or fees when a client company directly hires workers

Right to Organize and Unionize


  • The right to join unions by signing cards
  • The ability to form unions across franchises and subcontractors
  • Broader-based bargaining across regions or sectors of work