April 09, 2020

Organize with us to protect ALL

In response to today's news about 1 million job losses across Canada during March, we are more determined than ever to grow our grassroots power to protect our communities during these devastating times.

Read on to learn how you can take action against the health and economic consequences of COVID-19.

Join our $15 & Fairness #online organizing meeting!

We're taking our organizing meetings online, join us every other Tuesday, starting April 14, at 7:00 PM to share what we've learned so far, and strategize about the road ahead. (Click here to register now). 

In Ontario and across Canada the Fight for $15 and Fairness has been central in winning -- and improving -- the emergency income supports we all need to survive. But we know there is much more to be done!

Register by clicking here to receive the webinar log-in details (you can join online or dial in). Please add the upcoming meeting dates to your calendar: April 28, May 12 and May 26 and invite friends on Facebook (click here).

join our online organizing meeting
Join us on Tuesday, April 14 - 7 PM: Sign up now!

Our virtual organizing meeting will be an excellent opportunity to connect with other $15 & Fairness supporters from across the province, and re-establish the regular meeting routine that was happening locally. 

Weekly workshops: Workplace rights during COVID-19

Do you have questions about the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)? Are you feeling scared to go to work?

Because so many workers are desperately needing accessible, accurate information about our rights during this crisis, we've committed to holding online Know Your Rights workshops every week together with the Workers' Action Centre. Our workshops focus on workers' rights in Ontario and take place on Thursdays at 7:00 pm -- sign up for tonight (register here for April 9) or reserve your spot for next week (register here for April 16) to have your questions answered!

After signing up on our website, you will immediately receive the log-in details for the workshop with options to join online or dial in! Help us spread the word by inviting your co-workers and friends: click here to share on Facebook or forward this email.

If you miss the webinar, but have a problem at work or questions about accessing CERB, call the Workers' Action Centre's confidential help line for advice. Here are the numbers:

  • Toll free outside the Greater Toronto Area 1-855-531-0778
  • Greater Toronto Area: (416) 531-0778.

Keep fighting for $500 in weekly support for everyone! 

We really need to keep calling federal politicians to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Right now, the new emergency benefit requires workers to be without income for 14 consecutive days. Workers who may still be required to work a few hours per week but who have lost most of their income, cannot qualify for CERB. And we still need to ensure workers without a valid Social Insurance Number are also able to access these crucial income supports. Immigration status should not be a barrier!

Help demand fairness for ALL. Please call cabinet now (click here)

Here's what to say:
  • During the pandemic, we can’t protect anyone without protecting everyone.
  • We must ALL have at least $500 per week in income support ($2,000 per month), regardless of our immigration status, work experience, tax history, or whether we were already receiving Employment Insurance benefits before March 15. 
  • Those of us who have lost hours, are students, seasonal workers or have lost one of our part-time jobs, also need at least $500 per week in income.

Paid emergency leave: If not now, when?

Click here to listen to the eye-opening CBC interview with Deena Ladd of the Workers' Action Centre, where she explains exactly how weaknesses in labour protections continue to put workers in danger. 

Indeed, it is absolutely shocking to learn just how many workers who are keeping us clean, fed, and cared for have NO paid sick days, even though they are putting themselves in harm's way to protect us all.

Whether it's cleaners ensuring the spaces we use are clean and sanitized, long-term care workers tending to seniors, transportation workers keeping our supply chains moving, grocery store workers keeping shelves stocked, or nurses on the frontlines delivering health care, this situation cannot continue. Everyone needs at least 7 days of paid sick leave on a permanent basis and an additional 14 days during outbreaks. Click here to send an email right now to demand essential protections for our essential workers.

To read the full list of permanent and emergency measures necessary to protect workers click here for English and click here for French.

-- the Fight for $15 & Fairness Team