Workers Rights as Workplaces Reopen

Jun 11

7pm - 8pm

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Can you refuse unsafe work during the pandemic? Are you a migrant worker and unsure what worker rights or income supports you qualify for?
Come and have your questions answered at 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 11th by joining our free online workshop. Register by filling out the form below and we'll email you the link to join the workshop. 
This week our special guest will be an organizer with migrant farm workers. They'll be talking about the challenges migrant workers are facing and how they've been organizing in their workplaces.
Co-hosted with the Fight for $15 and the Workers Action Centre, we’ll provide participants up-to-date information on workers rights, as well as how workers can organize and advocate for their rights. All workers are welcome, regardless of current immigration or employment status.
If you have a question in the meantime you can call the confidential workers' rights hotline of Workers' Action Centre: (416) 531-0778.
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