August 30, 2019

On Labour Day: Let's UNITE to WIN

The Labour Day weekend is upon us and we're excited to be bringing our Unite Against Racism message to thousands of workers across Ontario! To find a Labour Day event near you, click here and scroll down.

As workers across the province -- and indeed Canada -- we are united in our desire for an immediate $15 minimum wage; for decent work for all; for well-funded, universal public services; and justice for everyone. In fact, recent polling has shown that nearly 70% of Canadians, a strong majority, want the rich and the corporations to pay their fair share of taxes in order to fund anti-poverty programs*.

Without a doubt, the wealthy corporations are threatened by this kind of unity because they don't want to part with their mega-profits. So the 1% and the politicians who represent them, fuel racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric to divide us and make us fight each other for scraps.

But we won't let them get away with it. Even the disgusting billboards promoting Maxime Bernier's xenophobic Peoples' Party that attempted to scapegoat newcomers, were taken down in less than a week thanks to the public outrage**. That should build our confidence to take on bigotry wherever and whenever it appears.

To help us organize, we are proud to share some beautiful materials produced by the Migrant Rights Network. 

Unite against racism posters and leaflets
To download the posters, click here
To download the leaflet, click here

Please print these posters and display them in your neighbourhood, campus or workplace. And if you're planning to join your local Labour Day event, bring them with.

There is also a pledge sheet to invite every person to promise to unite against racism, click here to download the pledge sheet. By asking people to leave us their contact information, we can stay organized in the days ahead -- please send completed sheets to [email protected]

We hope you have a great weekend and happy Labour Day! We'd love to see how you mark the day. Please share your pictures by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And use the hashtags: #UniteAgainstRacism #LabourDay2019 #15andFairness.

* To see the polling results by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, click here
** To see the news coverage of the xenophobic billboards that were taken down, click here