September 17, 2019

This election, join us to call out falsehoods

Yesterday, well known anti-immigrant leader Maxime Bernier got an invitation to the Federal Leaders’ debate. Soon his racist views will be televised across the country. 

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Right now, it's up to all of us to call out falsehoods during the federal election and reject the politics of division. We can't allow any politician to distract us from the real problems of low-wages and inadequate public services by blaming immigrants or using racist rhetoric. 

For the next 5 weeks, our friends at the Migrant Rights Network will be sending out Election Reality Check updates to keep us informed. Sign up for these updates by clicking here so you can cut through the lies and empty promises circulated by politicians.

To give you a sneak peak of the Election Reality Checks, we are sharing below the one from this morning. If you see a fact you wish your friends and family members also knew, make sure to share it on social media using the hashtag #UniteAgainstRacism, and to stay in the loop sign up for future Election Reality Checks here.


Election Reality Checks by

1. Refugees aren’t responsible for cuts to services or low-wages, the super rich are – Many people are feeling like they don’t have enough to take care of their families, or save for retirement. We are being convinced that there is not enough for everyone. In this climate, arguments that blame refugees for taking services are gaining traction. This is why we must remind our friends and family members that while refugees take very little the super rich in Canada have stashed $353 Billion in offshore tax havens, and nearly 27% of corporate taxes are unpaid. 

Fact 1) Blame the super-rich

2. Canada doesn’t take its fair share of refugees: 
Of the over 70 million people globally forced out of their homes, Canada will let in less than 50,000 in 2019. That’s 0.07% of displaced people, despite Canada making up 1.36% of total global wealth (GDP). In Lebanon on the other hand, which has the world’s third highest debt,  1 in 4 people are refugees. 

Fact 3) Canada doesn't take its fair share

3. Canadian corporations profit from displacement: 
People are forced to move because of war, “development projects”, persecution and climate change. Canada ranks as one of the top 15 exporters of deadly weapons, hosts many of the worst mining companies and is home to the world’s worst industrial polluting projects – the oil sands. No conversation about refugees is possible without accounting Canadian complicity in displacement

Fact 3) Corporations profit from displacement

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