April 26, 2021

Tell Ford: We need action, not apologies

Doug Ford’s April 22 press conference was an utter disappointment. There was no announcement for permanent employer-provided paid sick days. Instead, Ford gave vague promises of a "best in North America" sick leave plan and doubled-downed on his intention to provide more public subsidies for big business.

Corporations do not need more subsidies. For-profit long term care, corporate landlords and Rogers Communications are just some the thousands that already received $100 billion dollars in subsidies. [1] It’s time the likes Amazon and Loblaws pay their fair share and provide their workers paid sick days.

Take 5 Actions for Decent Work

We cannot afford to wait till the next election. Ontario's ICU’s are overflowing and too many of us are struggling to make ends meet. Here are 5 actions you can do this week to fight for decent work.

  1. Have a 1-on-1 organizing conversation
    Who you bring to the table is as important as what you bring to it. Take the time to talk to and organize your co-workers, friends and family. Then get them to affirm their support by signing our paid sick days petition.

  2. Call and email your Member of Provincial Parliament
    Ford is being forced to respond to the call for paid sick days but we can't stop till workers get the protections they need. Contact your MPP today and tell them you don’t want more policing; you want paid sick days that are employer-paid, permanent, universal and adequate.

  3. Join us on May 1st for our campaign launch
    Precarious work is a public health hazard. A decent work agenda must include not only paid sick days, but fair wages, equal benefits, hours we can live on and more. We want you - and the people you've been talking to - to be a part of the launch of our new decent work campaign on May 1st at 11am.

  4. Safely take part in a direct action
    With the weather warming up, it’s time to turn up the heat on our MPPs. Go for a walk and visit your local MPP office and decorate their office with sidewalk chalk and posters! Print one of our posters or design your own and tag us in your photos at @fairwagesnow. 

  5. Support the fight for decent work
    We need your help to keep the our campaign for decent work going strong. Please consider making a 
    donation to our campaign so we are one step closer to winning paid sick days and decent work.

ALL IN MAY 1! Justice for Workers 

We want you to be a part of our new decent work campaign. When governments and CEO’s call essential workers “heroes” but refuse to support stronger labour laws during lockdowns, it tells us they consider our labour essential but not our lives. 

Our Justice for Workers Campaign is calling for:

  • 10 employer-paid paid sick days and 14 more during emergencies
  • A $20 minimum wage with no exemptions for students and liquor servers
  • Equal pay for equal work for part-time, contract and temp workers
  • Adequate hour and fair schedules that we can live on
  • Making it easier for us to join unions and end employer harassment
  • And much more!

Upcoming Actions from our Allies

Pathway to Permanent Residency Tool

Migrants! Use this online assessment tool to find out if you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency under the new program announced by the Federal government, and what to do it you don't qualify. This tool is created by the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, a migrant-led organization that support migrants to unite for their rights.

White People & Defunding Police: a webinar with SURJ & Mariame Kaba

Most white people in our lives have beliefs about policing that are shaped by our racist culture, not in reality. How do we help people understand what defunding the police means and move them to supporting it? Join SURJ and Mariame Kaba to explore what abolition means and how to get involved. Register through Zoom or watch via Facebook Livestream.

April 28, National Day of Mourning

This year, on the National Day of Mourning, we remember the workers killed or injured on the job and commit to continuing the fight for laws that improve worker health and safety. We reflect on the workers who died or fell ill while working through the COVID-19 pandemic. We demand that Premier Ford commit to the overdue health and safety recommendations that could have prevented countless deaths. The Ontario Federation of Labour is calling on provincial leaders to immediately:

  • Legislate permanent paid sick days for all workers
  • Provide the highest quality and amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all workers
  • Vaccinate equitably and strategically, starting with frontline workers and impacted communities
  • Ensure all workers are covered by the workers’ compensation system
  • Legislate and enforce preventative training standards

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Mourn of the dead, fight for the Living: #10for10

#10for10 is a 10 minute coordinated workplace action demanding 10 paid sick days and safer working conditions for everyone in Ontario. On April 28th, the Day of Mourning, find your own way to take 10 minutes of action. Register your action today.

Protect good jobs and access to education in Sudbury

Laurentian University is in a crisis that will have devastating impacts. This crisis isn’t an isolated incident. Ford and his Conservative Government have made it clear that appeasing their wealthy corporate donors is a bigger priority to them than supporting good jobs and access to education in our communities. Sign on to protect good jobs and access to education. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.