August 07, 2019

Tell Attorney General Doug Downey to reverse cuts to Legal Aid!

Premier Ford’s 30% cut to legal aid will deny justice for Ontario’s poorest and most vulnerable. Although Ford shuffled his cabinet, his cuts to critical public services are still happening. We must tell the new Attorney General Doug Downey that the people of this province want him to reverse the cuts to legal aid. 

On July 30th, we were so proud to join the Ontario Wide Day of Action to save our community legal clinics! 


But the fight isn't over. Please take a moment to email MPP Downey or call his office at (705) 726-5538 and tell him that cuts to Legal Aid mean denying Ontario’s most marginalized access to justice. 

Community legal clinics help low-wage workers win back stolen wages from bad bosses, support women flee from domestic violence, and provide fair representation for refugees fleeing death or torture. Ford's cuts mean people who are unable to afford a private lawyer will be denied justice in Ontario's courts. 

Together we can save our community legal clinics! Thank you for standing up for access to justice.