October 05, 2020

Take action against bad bosses

On October 1, Ontario’s adult general minimum wage was adjusted to $14.25 to reflect last year’s cost of living increase.

Important as annual cost of living adjustments are - and we should all be proud of winning this change back in 2014 - this October's adjustment should have been more, bringing in a minimum wage of $15.65. By cancelling $15 minimum wage and freezing annual adjustments for 2 years, Premier Doug Ford has stolen millions of dollars from frontline workers and transferred it to corporate profits. 

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Clearly we can’t rely on politicians to protect our rights at work. That’s why it is so powerful to see workers fighting back and taking on their own bad bosses. But they need our support to win. Will you take action to improve protections for workers and fend off greedy employers? 

Hotel X workers fight back 

Over 200 workers who cleaned, cooked and served food at Hotel X in downtown Toronto were let go in the middle of the pandemic and have yet to see a dime of the $1.4 million in termination pay they are owed. 

This luxury hotel now claims that it has no responsibility because the workers were subcontracted, and got terminated when Hotel X switched to a different contractor. Bad bosses like Hotel X hide behind gaps in the labour laws to exploit workers and pocket more profit. Let's make sure this employer knows that hotel workers are not alone! Take action:

  • Share today's front page Toronto Star story (click here to read) that exposes the hotel, and spread the word on social media by tagging @HotelXToronto and using the hashtag: #PayUpHotelX
  • Sign the email petition to tell Hotel X owner Henry Kallan to do the right thing!
  • Post a review on Google or Trip Advisor to warn Hotel X customers

Workers in Newfoundland and Labrador take on Galen Weston’s Loblaws empire 

Since August 22, 1,400 Dominion grocery store workers in Newfoundland and Labrador have been on strike for fair wages, paid sick days, and job security. Dominion is owned by billionaire Galen Weston's retail giant Loblaws, which cancelled the $2/hr pandemic pay in June despite its record profits during COVID. 75% of Dominion workers earn less than $15/hr and the majority have only part-time hours.

We can not forget that Galen Weston was also a vocal opponent of raising the Ontario minimum wage to $15/hour, and profited handsomely when Premier Ford cancelled the $15 minimum wage. If Dominion workers can make pandemic pay permanent, or win paid sick days, this will inspire others to fight and to win these basic protections for ALL workers. 

Let’s do everything we can to help Dominion workers win their strike. Here are three things you can do:

  • Watch and share this video (click here) 
  • Sign this petition, click here.
  • Post your own "I support Dominion workers" selfie or video. Please tag @Loblaws @Unifor Local 597 @UniforTheUnion and use hashtags: #15andFairness #fairpayforever #CanLab #GalenWeston  

Organize with us, join our upcoming meeting!

We need you, to make sure all workers get the protection they need to survive the pandemic! Come meet other supporters of the $15 & Fairness campaign and plan out upcoming events. Sign up now (click here) to participate on Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm (EDT) at the monthly organizing meeting we co-host with the Ontario Federation of Labour. Upon registering, you will receive the Zoom meeting link as well as dial-in details in case you prefer to attend by phone. Join us!