February 14, 2020

Show your <3 for workers! Stop wage theft

This Valentine's Day, we urgently need your help on a case of wage theft. 

2 years ago, Isabelle and Nia filed claims at the Ministry of Labour when they realized their paychecks were not adding up. After investigating, the Ministry ordered Mankind Grooming to pay Isabelle $4952.99 and Nia $4036.87 in wages. 16 months later, Mankind still refuses to pay the workers in full and the Ministry has done little to enforce their legal order.

This Valentine's Day, show your love <3 for workers and demand justice.

CALL NOW: Tell Anka Miron, the owner of Mankind Grooming, to pay Isabelle and Nia in full! Dial: 416-551-1113 Click here to read the Toronto Star article with more details on Mankind Grooming's shameful case of wage theft.

No worker should have to wait 2 years to be paid. Isabelle and Nia are owed thousands of dollars, and deserve justice now.

Mankind is just one example of what Doug Ford's "Open for Business" Ontario means for workers. Since coming to office, the Ford government has reduced fines for law-breaking employers, frozen the hiring of Ministry of Labour inspectors and gutted legal protections for workers.

Please call 416-551-1113 now to help Isabelle and Nia get justice. Let's send a message to every employer in Ontario, we won't let them get away with wage theft.