March 08, 2018

Speak out for Tim Hortons workers

Since the labour law reforms we won came into effect on January 1, millions have seen improvements in their wages and working conditions. While most employers are adopting these changes and respecting the spirit of the new workplace laws, there are, sadly, some greedy corporations like Tim Hortons, refusing to share the wealth.

Demand action from Tim Hortons: 

Over the past weeks, we've organized an incredible series of mobilizations, first across Ontario then throughout the country in support of workers at Tim Hortons. The February 13 action alone saw more than 300 Tim Hortons restaurants visited by #15andFairness supporters to deliver valentine's greetings and labour rights information to the workers (check out the video). The pressure we've created is working!

“The public relations debacle related to the minimum wage increase in Ontario is causing tremendous downward pressure on the value of the Tim Horton’s brand,” wrote Peter Proszanski, the attorney representing an association of Tim Hortons Franchise owners -- reported CTV News.

On Thursday, March 15 let's use all social media platforms at our disposal to call attention to Tim Hortons' ongoing attacks on workers' rightsClick here right now to sign up and add your voice. If enough people join the online action, a one-time message will be sent out simultaneously from all of our social media profiles to tell Tim Hortons to treat workers better.

Together, we have the power to pressure Tim Hortons and force the corporation to do the right thing. Here is how you can help:

  • Add your voice by visiting the Thunderclap March 15 Day of Action page. You can choose the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) from which you'd like your message of support to be posted. A message has been pre-drafted, but you can personalize it -- and make sure to tag @TimHortons as well as use the hashtag #RollUptheRim to jam their corporate ad campaigns.

  • Change your profile picture to show your support for Tim Hortons workers and invite your friends to join the March 15 Social Media Day of Action. Click here to download the Tim Hortons workers solidarity image.

  • Download posters and hang them up in your neighbourhood, campus and workplace. Let's remind Tim Hortons workers that they are not alone and we will continue to support their struggle. Click here to access 11x17 (tabloid size) Tim Hortons worker solidarity posters.