May 07, 2019

Speak out for access to justice

When employers face no consequences for breaking the law, they simply keep violating workers’ rights. This is why the enforcement of our rights is so critical, and we need YOU to take urgent action to ensure access to justice for all: click here to email Premier Ford to call for legal aid cuts to be reversed.

After taking away our rights at work, Premier Ford is now trying to limit our ability to take legal action against bad bosses. His government’s recently announced 30% cut to legal aid and cancellation of funding for immigration and refugee law services is an assault on the poorest members of our communities. Here’s what these cuts could mean for workers in Ontario:

  • Low-wage workers who experience thousands of dollars in wage theft won’t be able to get support from local community legal clinics to file claims with the Ministry of Labour;
  • A migrant care worker who bravely left her abusive employer won’t be able to access legal aid to secure her immigration status long enough to press charges against her employer;
  • A refugee who faces death or torture if deported would not be able to access legal aid to appeal their case, or get information in their first language about their legal rights.

Decisions on how legal aid cuts are going to be implemented will be made this week. Help us send a strong message right now to defend the community legal clinics we rely on.

Click here to send a letter to stop these cuts from coming into effect.

The reality is workers, tenants, immigrants, refugees, and people with low-incomes turn to legal clinics when their rights are violated. But Ford’s cuts will put these very legal clinics at risk and the people who are already marginalized will be hit the hardest.

Please send your message now to stop legal aid cuts and ensure no legal clinic in Ontario has to close its doors. With the click of a button, you can send our pre-drafted email to Premier Doug Ford, Attorney General Caroline Mulroney, and have all the Legal Aid Ontario Board of Directors copied.

Friend, thank you for speaking out! After sending your email, please help us spread the word by sharing this email with your friends.