April 21, 2016

Report back on the April 15 Day of Action

7 provinces, 30 municipalities, many news stories and a #15andFairness hashtag that trended throughout the day on Twitter. That’s what the April 15 pan-Canadian day of action for a $15 minimum wage and fair working conditions looked like – and you did it!

This movement is growing because of the many workers, students, labour council members, health providers, teachers, union members, airport workers and activists just like yourself – who are organizing our communities and putting pressure on elected officials.

This fight for decent work won’t end until we win the kind of labour law reform that protects the rights of every worker in Ontario. With the Ministry of Labour reviewing the laws that govern our workplaces, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise the employment standards floor, ensure equal pay for equal work and end shameful practices such as contract flipping and union busting. A $15 minimum wage and fair scheduling, paid sick days, enforcement of our rights and better access to unions is not too much to ask for – is it?

Just like on April 15, we will keep organizing to bring our labour legislation into the 21st century. 

To find more about the rallies, marches, outreach blitzes and MPP visits that happened across Ontario on April 15, click here to take a look at the photo album. Make sure to tag yourself, comment and share away. If you don’t see your action, please send us your photos at [email protected]. You can also see the media coverage of the day here.

Stay tuned for details on the release of the interim report of the Changing Workplaces Review, our upcoming actions and summer plans!