PHONE ZAP! Tell your MP to protect workers!

Aug 18 through August 25, 2020

6am - 6am

Call your MP and have your voice heard

The federal government announced it will end CERB - the emergency benefits that have been a lifeline for millions of us who lost our jobs or our income as a result of COVID-19. We know it will take many months before the economy is working at full capacity, and millions will continue to need support. It’s urgent we demand adequate income for all, for as long as necessary. Join us from August 18 to 24 as we call MPs to demand our MPs: 

  1. Improve Employment Insurance (EI)
    - Increase the weekly minimum payment to $500 or 75% of past wages and 85% for low wage workers (whichever is more)
    - Ensure universal access by reducing hours of work for eligibility and eliminating arbitrary rules that deny people access (quit/fire or refuse to work due to unsafe work, child care, and misclassification of employees as independent contractors) 
    - Extend the duration so workers have access for as long as they need it and provide access to workers who’s hours have been reduced
  2. Continue the $2,000 a month income support for all those who can't access EI
  3. Honour the promise for the $15 federal minimum wage
  4. Ensure full immigration status for all  

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