January 28, 2020

Parliament's back -- Let's go get our $15 federal minimum wage!

Canada's parliament resumed this week. Now's the time to step up the pressure on our federal Members of Parliament to immediately implement the promised $15 federal minimum wage -- and index it annually to cost of living increases.

Workers needed a $15 federal minimum wage five years ago. We shouldn't have to wait even one more day for the government to make good on its election promise. 

What can you do?

$15 federal minimum wage now! Shareable.

  • Drop by the constituency office of your local MP to let the staff or the MP know you want immediate action on decent work and wages. To find your federal MP, click here. Better yet - download and print this beautiful window sign and bring it with you. Take a picture with the staff or the MP then ask them to display the sign on their window or door. Share the picture on social media and tag us. Twitter: @FairWagesNow or use #15andFairness so we can retweet you! 

We have a really good chance of winning a $15 federal minimum wage for workers in federally regulated sectors like banking, airlines, transportation, telecommunications, and more -- but only if we mobilize to get it. Make no mistake: the big business lobby is working hard behind the scenes to delay and discourage federal action. To win, we need to need to make our voices heard. There's not a moment to lose!

Let's stay organized in 2020!

January has flown by, but we are already organizing in communities and workplaces across the province. Click here to see and RSVP for events coming up in your community. For the listings on Facebook click here. And of course, if you don't see an event near you, consider hosting one! Email us for help getting started. 

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