Day of Action for PAID sick days!

Jul 18

12am - 11pm

Online event

The federal government promised it would work with the provinces so all workers have 10 paid sick days. Yet there has been no movement, even as provinces allow workplaces and businesses to re-open. This is a public health disaster!

All workers need seamless access to paid sick days, now and always. Join us in calling for at least 7 days of paid sick leave for all workers now and permanently. Plus an additional 14 days of paid sick leave during public health outbreaks. **Scroll below to register for the July 18 Day of action!**

The federal government should lead by example by acting now to enshrine the 10 days it promised in the Canada Labour Code. It should also provide additional days during outbreaks like COVID 19.

Every province must act now. We cannot re-open the economy unless all workers are protected. If workers are not safe, none of us are safe! #PaidSickDaysSaveLives

Join the Day of Action for Paid Sick Days for ALL:

1) REGISTER now! (scroll below)

2) Mark your calendar to take action
- Let your friends and neighbours know!
- Decorate the office of your elected provincial representative (MLA, MPP, etc.) to demand action
- Invite your community group or union local to participate
- Chalk your sidewalks
- Download a poster and put it up on your street, at your local grocery store and more! Visit:
- Share the event using the hashtag #PaidSickLeaveSavesLives - invite your friends!

3) Get ready to show your support on Saturday, July 18!
- No matter where and what time, we want to hear from you about why you support paid sick days for all. Take a selfie, post a video, make your sign, and tag your friends to do the same.
- Sign up now to receive more details on how we'll raise our voices for paid sick days on July 18 - and every day afterward!

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Will you come?