December 01, 2020

Help us win paid sick days for all

Help us win PAID SICK DAYS for all! 

Low wages and bad jobs are a public health hazard.

The evidence shows paid sick days are effective at curbing transmission of infectious disease, including COVID 19

  • Yet, 58% of workers across Canada have no paid sick days, and that jumps to over 70% of low income workers
  • Even 75% of workers in the service sector, including food services, and 50% in health & social services sectors, where risk of exposure is highest, have no paid sick days
  • No one should have to choose between staying home sick & paying the bills
  • Black, Indigenous, and workers of colour are over-represented in low-wage, frontline work & are most at risk of becoming infected 
  • We hear a lot about thanking essential workers, but why is the government not protecting them with paid sick days? 

Who to call

Let’s call our elected representatives to demand paid sick days now!  

  • Premier Doug Ford: 416-325-1941 (Premier's office) and/or 416-745-2859 (Constituency office)
  • Health Minister Christine Elliott: 416-327-4300
  • Labour Minister Monte McNaughton: 416-326-7600
  • To find your own Member of Provincial Parliament: (click the link, then scroll down the page to type in your postal code.)

Suggested script

(Feel free to change it up and make it your own!)

Hello, my name is _______. I am calling from ________.

It is unacceptable that we are 9 months into a global pandemic and there has been no action from the Ontario government to legislate adequate paid sick days for all. 

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Teresa Tam and Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams have both called for paid sick days legislation to curb transmission of COVID.  

I want you to fight for legislation that will ensure everyone has at least 7 paid sick days on a permanent basis and an additional 14 days for public health emergencies like the one we’re in. 

I am calling on you to protect me and my family’s health by making sure paid sick days are available for everyone, without exemptions, through the Employment Standards Act.  

Please let me know what you are planning to do to get this done. 

My phone number is: _______________ and 

My email address is: ________________.

Thank you.

Ask a friend to do the same!

After you make your calls, consider phoning 5 of your friends or co-workers, to ask them to make similar calls. Share the url to this page with them, so they know what to do!

Additional Resources

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