September 22, 2017

Right to Organize and Unionize

Our demands:

  • Measures to make it easier for workers to join and keep unions
  • Stronger protections for workers who stand up for their rights
  • End contract flipping – workers should have job security and wage protection when business ownership or contracts change


What our movement won in Bill 148: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act:
As of January 1, 2018, workers in temporary agency, building services, homecare and community services sectors have access to card-based certification, eliminating the additional second step vote and therefore making it easier to unionize. Workers in building services (e.g. security, cleaning, food services, etc.) won protections against contract flipping.


Workers are stronger when they can act collectively to defend their rights and demand better wages and working conditions. After decades of attacks on unions and the right to organize, the majority of workers have been left without access to union protection. We know that when unionized and non-unionized workers come together, we can raise the floor of minimum standards and raise the bar for decent working conditions for all. The extension of card-based certification to some of the most precarious sectors is a major step forward in the struggle to win easier access to unionization for all workers. We will continue to organize with our allies in the union movement to ensure that all workers are protected when they stand up for their rights.


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