Online: #15andFairness Organizing Meeting

Jul 21

7pm - 9pm

Online Event

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As businesses begin to re-open, we need to ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy for workers and the public. At the same time, we know that many jobs in tourism, hospitality, arts and culture, airlines and more won't be returning for months -- maybe not until the summer of 2021.

Thats why we have to keep fighting for COVID 19 income supports (CERB) for as long as workers need them. And we have a huge fight federally and provincially to ensure workplaces are safe and healthy for all of us.

Join us to organize the fight to extend CERB, make pandemic pay permanent, raise the minimum wage provincially and federally, and ensure employers provide adequate paid sick days for every single worker now and forever.

Nadira Begum Lynn Dee Eason Daniel Sarah Karasik Rowan El-Bialy Olga Sannikov Sara Birrell David M Bush Kaitlyn Matulewicz Hugo Voss Jolomi Gagar Rana Hamadeh Mina Rajabi Paak Beixi Liu Stanley Treivus Monica Perez Heather Large Maleda Mulu Ezra de Leon Hanna Dunnigan Anna Gerrard Lev Jaeger Alexandra Yeboah Michael Speers Pam Frache Sam Misra Laura McCoy Megan Brown Linda Bernard Krysta Wordock Melanie Willson Manal C Meghan Beatty Martha Burbano Kaitlin Peters Kyle Hoskin Kaitlin Purdy Charles Ritchie Nadia Rajram Judy Koch Diana McConnell

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