February 11, 2016

Ontario workers are demanding fairness

Have you seen the poll announced today as part of the day of action against the rise of precarious work at Ontario universities?

Here is what workers are saying:
88% of Ontarians want part-time professors to be converted into full-time positions before more part-time professors are hired. 85% want part-time professors to receive fair pay and 84% believe part-time professors should have the same access to benefits as their full-time colleagues.

We’re not surprised.

These numbers echo what we’ve been hearing on the streets, at town halls, and at the deputations made to Ontario’s Ministry of Labour. Workers everywhere are demanding decent hours; equal pay for full-time, permanent, contract, temporary, part-time and casual employees; decent benefits, paid sick days and more.

Take action

Keep the momentum going!
Inadequate employment standards and labour laws place downward pressure on the wages and working conditions of all of us.

2016 is the year to put a stop to this! The laws that govern our workplaces are under review right now.

Next fall, our elected officials will be deciding how far they are willing to go to make the changes we need to create decent work for all of us.

That’s why communities across the province are organizing now for the April 15 day of action; find out how you can join!

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