Decent Work Rally at North Bay Chamber of Commerce

Oct 30

5pm - 5:30pm

North Bay Chamber of Commerce
205 Main St E
North Bay, ON P1B 1B2
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If Victor Fedeli will not protect the Rights of Workers, then who will? Why is he siding with the lies and misinformation of Doug Ford and the Chambers of Commerce, when we know the job numbers in Ontario are promising, even with the $14 as minimum wage? 

103,000 full-time jobs were created over the last 12 months and the employment rate hasn't been this low in 20 years. Yet MPP Fedeli and the Chamber ignore these important Stats Canada figures. Shame on you, Chamber! Ontario is doing just fine!

Low wage workers in North Bay were looking forward to the $15 and the new scheduling laws, and like the much needed 2 paid sick days. Low wage work is harmful to our community. 

You heard it Thursday 25th today on CBC radio that Mike Crawley CBC Queen's Park Reporter couldn't find a single shred of evidence to support Minister Jim Wilson's claims of jobs loss in Ontario. 

The Chamber of Commerce also predicted inflationary issues after $14 came in and yet we're at a modest 2.2 per cent. The sky has not fallen. Let's Rally!

Will you come?