August 28, 2018

NEW VIDEO: $15 minimum wage is coming

A $15 minimum wage is coming on January 1, 2019. But Big Business lobbyists are trying to cancel it. It is our job to let every Member of Provincial Parliament know that Ontarians expect and demand $15 & Fairness. We cannot let a single day pass by without calling on the new government to stand up to the Big Business lobby, protect our $15 minimum wage, and defend our new workplace rights.

Friend, will you help us? A quick action you can take right now will help spread the word:

New Campaign Video_Tell Ford

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Over the summer we saw what the Doug Ford government is capable of, following its damaging rollbacks and cuts. We can't sit back and hope for the best while corporate lobby groups are chomping at the bit to cancel the $15 minimum wage. We need your voice now -- and we need the voices of your friends and neighbours. 

Remember: two-thirds of Ontarians support a $15 minimum wage, including 42% of those who voted for Doug Ford. Join us now to tell the Doug Ford government: Hands off our $15 minimum wage and fairer labour laws!


To deliver this message clearly, please take a moment right now to spread this new video far and wide, then:

  • Come out to Labour Day events this weekend! Check out the local events happening on: Saturday, September 1st (click here) -- Sunday, September 2nd (click here) -- Monday, September 3rd (click here). If you are in Toronto, don't miss Monday's Labour Day Parade (sign up here).
  • Find an upcoming action to join, if you cannot come out to Labour Day events (view the $15 & Fairness event listing here)
  • Order window sign/s, lawn sign/s or a banner to make your support known in your community, campus or workplace (select your swag here)
  • Donate to the Fight On! Fund for $15 & Fairness to fuel our organizing (click here to make a contribution)