November 01, 2019

New federal government, new opportunities

With the federal election wrapped and a new batch of MPs representing us in Ottawa, we now have even more opportunities to advance a decent work agenda federally. But of course, nothing is ever certain; if we want to take advantage of the new political terrain, we'll have to keep fighting for our rights and - crucially - for unity. To see why, it's worth taking stock of what we accomplished together during the past election.

New possibilities

Thanks to all of you, the majority of elected Members of Parliament support a $15 minimum wage – and by 2020 no less! A $15 federal minimum wage will be crucial for airport workers, bank workers and many others – especially in provinces where the minimum wage hovers around $11.00 an hour. We should move quickly to remind MPs of this promise. If implemented, a $15 federal minimum wage will make a big difference in the lives of federally-regulated workers and build the confidence of everyone fighting for a $15 minimum wage across Canada and the United States.  

Second, we won important improvements to the Canada Labour Code before the federal election – but not all of the changes have taken effect. Now, with some continuity in government, we can continue the fight to protect, implement, and strengthen these new provisions.

Third, we are still waiting on the report from the Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards. The report will make recommendations to further strengthen the Canada Labour Code. We don’t yet know what the recommendations will be, but we should be ready to respond as soon as the report is made public.

Challenging racism & xenophobia

Across Canada, we are united in our desire for decent work, universal public services, and justice for all. 


That’s why politicians and the corporate lobbyists try to divide us, by finding ways to get us to turn on each other. The foresight and intervention of the Migrant Rights Network continues to be a crucial part of the fight to challenge racism and strengthen our unity. All of you who worked so hard to bring the Unite Against Racism message to the federal election and who are doing the work of centring Indigenous leadership and building concrete solidarity, deserve a major shout out. This effort helped to push back against the xenophobia and open racism that pervaded the federal election and we should feel good that Maxime Bernier, leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant People’s Party of Canada, lost his seat.

woman holds a green placard that says fight for climate and $15
& fairness, unite against racism

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Mobilizing matters

There's no doubt the inspiring climate strikes across Canada on Sept. 27 were decisive in shifting the ground in a progressive direction. Hundreds of thousands mobilized in one of the largest week-day protests in decades!

3 women holding $15 & fairness leaflets about climate

In Ontario, $15 and Fairness supporters like you, brought the decent work lens to the conversation around climate. We also helped amplify the work of the Migrant Rights Network and built solidarity with Indigenous communities. We want to be sure that no worker is left behind as we retool the global economy to reduce carbon emissions, decrease toxic waste, and invest jobs that will heal and nurture people, plants and animals. Thanks to your work, “climate” became a top issue at the ballot box while concerns around “immigration” were cut in half. 

Minority government: More risk, not less

With a minority Liberal government, we can expect that Members of Parliament will be pushed and pulled between those who advocate for corporations and those who advocate for workers and the planet. Pitting us against each other is the go-to strategy of the super rich to keep their power. That's why it's still critical that you speak to your friends, and co-workers about income inequality, climate change, migrant rights, and racism. Sign up now to become a Migrant Justice Champion (click here) and educate your community! Once you sign up, the Migrant Rights Network will connect you with resources so you can lead conversations and facilitate workshops where you are.

Thanks for everything you do!
Together, we will win decent work for ALL.

Close to 80 people wearing $15 & Fairness shirts pose behind
a banner that reads Unite Against Racism