November 18, 2015

Health providers take to the streets for paid sick days

Health providers will leave their clinics and community health centres for an hour on Thursday, November 19, to engage in an outreach blitz about the need for legislated paid sick days for every Ontario worker.

Current labour laws leave Ontarians without protection when they get sick. Too many workers have to risk losing their job or pay in order to take a day off. Health workers and advocates warn that working while sick poses serious public health concerns including the transmission of infectious diseases and worsening of minor conditions.  They are calling upon the Ministry of Labour to solve the problem at its root by updating employment laws which are currently under review.

Emergency physician Kate Hayman says: "The cost of not having paid sick day legislation is higher than one might imagine. As an Emergency Room physician I see this daily. When workers postpone the care that they need because they are not protected by law, the health consequences can be dire."

Kwame McKenzie, CEO of the Wellesley Institute explains: “We are asked to stay at home if we have flu.  We are discharged early from hospital to recover at home so the bed can be used for someone who is sicker. We are asked to do this as responsible members of society.  For everyone to be able to meet their responsibilities we need paid sick days.”

What:                    Outreach Blitz, Photo Opportunity and Interview Availability

Where:                 Corner of College Street and University Avenue

When:                  November 19, 2015 12:30 p.m.

Health providers are speaking up for paid sick days as part of the Fight for $15 & Fairness Campaign. For more information click here. Health Providers Against Poverty is a province wide alliance of health providers who are committed to addressing poverty as a health issue. The Association of Ontario Health Centres  (AOHC) is Ontario’s voice for community-governed primary health care representing 109 organizations.

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For further information contact:

Nil Sendil, Communications Coordinator, Fight for $15 & Fairness

Tel.  (cell):  647-710-5795