September 25, 2020

Liberals agree to $500 in weekly income support

Organizing works! Thanks to you speaking out and the strategic pressure from the federal NDP, the Trudeau government has agreed to provide a minimum of $500 per week for Employment Insurance (EI) and the new Recovery Benefits. This is a huge relief for the two million people who were preparing for a 20% cut in income support on September 27. Clearly, our phone calls and emails have worked! 

But there’s more to be done. Take a moment right now to call your Member of Parliament (MP) (click here).

We must keep the pressure up to ensure migrant workers also have access to these supports, that the new improvements to EI are made permanent and the Liberals keep their promise for a $15 federal minimum wage!

Call your Member of Parliament right now. 

Visit our website now to call YOUR MP with just one click! Once you type in your phone number our system will call and automatically transfer you to the voicemail of your elected official. Tell them:

  • You are glad that the government will maintain $500 in weekly income support through EI and the Recovery Benefits, but we need to ensure everyone gets access to them, including migrant workers. 
  • Canada relies on migrants for many essential jobs, while also severely restricting access to full immigration status and equal rights. All migrants need to be granted permanent residence status so they can receive income supports and speak up against unsafe jobs.
  • The federal government must keep its election promise for a $15 minimum wage in 2020, that is indexed to inflation.
  • The temporary changes made to EI, which create a minimum floor of benefits of $500 for at least 26 weeks must be made permanent. We must have an EI program that works for all. 

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Call now (click here) to have your voice heard! The government is paying attention, let's raise our voices.

September 30: Post-Secondary Education STRIKE for Black & Indigenous lives.

Right now a long-overdue conversation is happening nationally and globally on the persistent and systemic nature of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism within our communities. We know  post-secondary institutions are one of the major institutions that need to change. 

Our post-secondary institutions “pride” themselves on equity, diversity, and inclusion while simultaneously targeting, harassing, and oppressing Indigenous, Black, and people of color on their campuses. Enough is enough. We believe it is time TO STRIKE. 

JOIN US online for a virtual strike on September 30th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm: click here now: 

To RSVP and share on Facebook (click here), for Instagram (click here). 

September 30: Make Brock University a Decent Work campus! 

This Brock University webinar will be hosted via Zoom on Wednesday, September 30th from 1:00 pm to 2:30pm. Join us to find out about opportunities to get involved in the Niagara region.

We will be discussing how Brock University was created by the labour movement, the current state of workers' rights at Brock, and a proposal to make Brock a $15 & Fairness campus. We stand in solidarity with #AllOutSeptember30th because the fight for decent work is also a fight for racial justice. 

Please SHARE on Facebook here & e-mail [email protected] to get the Zoom link! 

October 13: Join the next $15 and Fairness and OFL decent work organizing meeting:

Each month, the Fight for $15 and Fairness and the Ontario Federation of Labour co-host an online organizing meeting so we can fight to improve the wage and working conditions of all workers. The next meeting is taking place on Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm (EST). Please join us and bring a friend! You can sign up right now, click here. You will be emailed the Zoom link for the online meeting upon registering.