May 01, 2021

We’re building an even bolder vision for decent work!

Workers across Ontario have been fighting for $15 and Fairness since April 2015! In that time, we have built a strong movement that has won real improvements for all those of us in low-wage, precarious jobs. 

Through our movement, we have fought hard and made it impossible for governments to ignore us. We have proven that workers can pressure even the most anti-worker governments to respond to the crisis in our workplaces when we organize.

The pandemic has exposed the harsh realities of low-wage and precarious working conditions in Ontario. As the terrain shifts, hundreds of workers have been strategizing, discussing, and developing a new agenda for decent work.

As a result of these deliberations, May 1, 2021, International Workers’ Day (May Day) marked the official transition from the Fight for $15 and Fairness to Justice for Workers: Decent Work for All - the next phase of the Ontario-wide campaign for decent work.

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