December 14, 2017

Help us fight on!

What an incredible year 2017 has been! Together, we’ve made a huge difference in the lives of workers across Ontario – but our work is not done.

Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown has already pledged to delay the implementation of the $15 minimum wage, taking the side of corporate groups over workers in this province. And we must expect his party will also seek to delay and roll back other aspects of Bill 148: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, such as scheduling, equal pay and emergency leave provisions as well as union rights.

That’s why we are asking you to help build The Fight On! Fund by making an immediate donation of $15 – or whatever amount you can manage. Click here to donate now. The Big Business Lobby may have access to the kind of financial assets we can only dream of, but our movement has the numbers! By pooling our resources and grassroots power, we can continue to beat them back.

We know that building a strong and vibrant campaign on the ground is key to organizing workers in every corner of this province so that we can defend our gains and push for more. That’s why we need our own fighting fund. We need to produce thousands more buttons, stickers, leaflets, posters, window signs, and more. And all of this, costs money.

So, over the holidays while you are thinking about the year past and the year ahead, we hope you will be able to make a financial contribution to the Fight for $15 and Fairness. All donations to The Fight On! Fund, no matter how small or large, will be put to excellent use.

Of course, we will never forget that the most important contribution anyone can make is the gift of time and energy that you give to the Fight for $15 and Fairness every day. Your efforts made 2017 an extraordinary year for all workers in Ontario.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the work we have undertaken together and let’s commit to ensuring that 2018 is the year we protect – and extend – $15 and Fairness for all.

We wish you a merry workplace and a very bright New Year!