Hamilton Santa Claus Parade $15 and Fairness Blitz

Nov 17

4pm - 5pm

Meet at parking lot by Wilson St and James St North
1 Wilson St
Hamilton, ON L8R 1C4
Google map and directions

This holiday season, Ford is betraying the people of Ontario by putting corporate interests ahead of working families. Weeks before a $15 /hr minimum wage, Fords government announced a real dollar wage cut for minimum wage employees, in addition to cancelling two paid sick days, fairer scheduling rules and the right to equal pay for equal work. These rollbacks no doubt will hurt women, workers of color and newcomers, who are over-represented in low-wage, precarious jobs, the most!

Join us to Saturday Nov 17th from 4pm to 6pm to speak to let the government know their betrayal will not go unnoticed. We'll be engaging folks during Hamilton's Santa Claus Parade to let them know how they can have their voices heard. 

Meet at the parking lot at the north east corner of the intersection of Wilson Street and James Street North (1 Wilson Street)). From there we'll head west to the parade route. 

Saturday November 17th 2018 4pm - 5pm

For more info and to find us during the day, contact Chloe at (613) 852-3992

Will you come?