February 06, 2018

February 13: Show Tim Hortons workers Valentine's love

We are gearing up for another day of action in support of Tim Hortons workers!

On February 13, we hope you and a friend (or two or three) will join us to hand deliver some Valentine’s Day love to the workers at Tim Hortons. These drop-ins should take no more than 10 minutes each. Will you join us?

The action on February 13 will include hand-delivering a special Valentine’s Day card to the workers (click here to download the card in 11" x 17" tabloid size  or click here to download the card in regular letter size). In addition to the card, we also have leaflets (click here to download) that can be distributed to the customers inside Tim Hortons restaurants, asking them to take action in support of workers. 

Click here to register your action(s)! If you’re part of a community group, local union, student group, labour council or faith community see if your group can take responsibility for visiting a number of restaurants over the course of the day. We have also compiled a “Tip Sheet” in case you would like some tips and inspiration for your own actions, you can download it here.

Check out this 30-second video announcing the February 13 action!
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Keep Fighting for $15 and Fairness

The $15 minimum wage and the fairer scheduling provisions of Bill 148 won’t take effect until January 1, 2019 and we have a big election standing between us and these new rights. Consider ordering lawns signs and banners (download the 2-page order form here) so that we can decorate Ontario with our signs.

We know that the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party voted against Bill 148 and has said that if they form government, they will postpone the implementation of the $15 minimum wage. That’s why we must keep fighting for $15 and Fairness until every worker has it. When the PC Party formed government in the mid-1990s, it gutted workers’ legal protections under the law.

Meanwhile, the situation facing workers at Tim Hortons shows how much more work we have to do to ensure workers have decent wages and working conditions, even with the gains made under Bill 148. We want to make sure we use the weeks ahead to campaign for additional laws to better protect workers against bad bosses. Imagine if the law provided a paid 15 minute break for every three hours worked, if workers could join unions across a franchise or if workers were protected under the law when they organize to enforce their rights.

That’s why your role in this campaign – from fighting for better labour laws to supporting workers at Tim Hortons – is so crucial. It’s also why you should be incredibly proud of everything we have been able to accomplish together.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Join one near you!

There are numerous actions and events being organized across Ontario! If you don’t see an action in your area, let us know how we can help you get one going!

Tuesday, Feb 6
Action - Tell Tim Hortons to treat its workers fairly!
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM | Tim Hortons (151 City Centre Drive, Mississauga) | Click here for a map
Come out to tell Tim Hortons: Reverse the clawbacks! Restore workers’ wages & benefits! We love the workers at Tim Hortons but we hate bad bosses.
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Fight for $15 & Fairness Ottawa Organizing Meeting
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM | 25One Community, 251 Bank St, 5th Floor | Click here for a map
Ottawa $15 & Fairness supporters have organized successful solidarity rallies and outreach at Winterlude in support of Tim Hortons workers. But some other local businesses have also been attacking workers' wages and benefits. We're organizing a response to support those workers coming forward. Plus we've got Know Your Rights workshops and IWD to plan for. Come out and join the action (meeting at the 5th floor)!
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Sunday, Feb 11
We Are Oshawa General Meeting.
2 PM | 61 Charles St, Oshawa Room 216 | Click here for a map
Join We Are Oshawa's first meeting of 2018 to discuss further organizing around $15 and Fairness, future Tim Hortons actions and more! The year has kicked off with an incredible solidarity for workers under attack by bad bosses, help us build on this.
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Monday , Feb 12
Sign Making Party to Prep for Tim Hortons Action!
5:30 PM - 9 PM| Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), 2nd floor | Click here for a map
Join the Ontario Federation of Labour on Monday evening to help make signs for the February 13 day of actions at Tim Hortons stores! We will provide materials for sign making, we will also give you the materials for the action on Tuesday and do a quick training on how to pull off the action if you're leading one! Everyone is welcome!
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Tuesday, Feb 13
Action - Show Tim Hortons workers some Valentine's Day love
THROUGHOUT THE DAY | A Tim Hortons restaurant near you!
On February 13, we are going to hand deliver some Valentine’s Day love to the workers at Tim Hortons. This time, the goal is to visit as many restaurants as possible in smaller groups involving 2 or more people. If you think you can visit a Tim Hortons restaurant on February 13.
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Tuesday , Feb 13
Toronto-Wide Organizing Meeting
5:30PM – 8:00PM  | 720 Spadina Ave, Suite 223 | Click here for a map
There is a provincial election coming up in June and we know that the Conservative Party and the corporate lobby are already organizing to roll back the labour law reforms we've won. That's why we must stay mobilized to win $15 & Fairness for ALL workers. Come to the next city-wide Fight for $15 and Fairness organizing meeting!
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