Etobicoke Lakeshore stands up for decent work

Nov 09

11am - 12pm

933 The Queensway
933 the queensway
Toronto, ON M8Z 1P3
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Putting corporate interests ahead of workers' needs, Doug Ford's government announced a real dollar wage cut for minimum wage employees, in addition to cancelling two paid sick days, fairer scheduling rules and the right to equal pay for equal work. These rollbacks no doubt will hurt women, workers of colour and newcomers, who are over-represented in low-wage, precarious jobs the most!

Doug Ford government has no mandate to cancel our new labour laws. Over 66% of Ontarians support and expect the $15 minimum wage scheduled for January 1, including 62% of small business owners and over 40% of conservative voters.

We will meet at the intersection of Islington and The Queensway and then walk over to Christine Horgath mpp office and stand out front with our 15 and fairness banner and signs , then proceed inside her office to ask for a meeting with Miss Horgath.

Will you come?