September 23, 2015

$15 Federal Minimum Wage: Operation Maple Releases New Video

Today, Operation Maple is releasing a new video highlighting the need for a $15 minimum wage for workers who fall under federal rules and regulations. Such workers include airline workers, bank tellers, certain call centre workers, and many others whose working conditions are not governed by provincial laws.

You can watch the video here and help promote it on Facebook and Twitter.  You might consider using the hashtags: #Elxn2015 #Elxn42 #CANPoli or #15andFairness.

You can also include it in an e-bulletin, newsletter or email blast. Here’s some sample text:

Not all employment is regulated by the provincial government. Bank tellers, airline workers, certain call centre workers and many others who work at low-wage jobs in federally regulated sectors need the support of strong federal employment laws. That’s why the Fight for $15 and Fairness is a Federal Election issue, as this video explains:” 

Two Federal Parties Now Officially Support a $15 Federal Minimum Wage 

Now is the time to tell our local candidates that the federal government has in important role to play in setting standards for decent work. We need a $15 federal minimum wage, we need to restore and expand the Fair Wages Act and we need to ensure that all federally-regulated workers have fairness at work, including seven (7) paid sick days, decent scheduling and more.

Ask your candidate:

Does your party believe that a minimum wage should lift full-time workers out of poverty? And if so, does your party support a $15 federal minimum wage that rises enough each year to keep up with cost of living increases?”

Recent Developments in Other Jurisdictions – Let’s Get Inspired!

South of the border, the Governor of New York has promised to implement a $15 minimum wage for all workers, following on the recent victory of fast food workers there.

US President Barack Obama recently made decent wages and seven (7) paid sick days for employees a pre-condition for companies seeking contracts with the American federal government.

We can bring these kinds of working alternatives to Canada provincially and federally! Let’s keep the momentum going here. 

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