December 20, 2019

2019: A year of resistance!

2019 has been an incredible year of resistance! Despite the Ford government's ongoing attacks on our rights at work, we protected important gains. We even made strides on the Canada Labour Code! Please consider making a donation to continue this important work! (click here).

Together, we preserved important wins for Ontario workers, including:

  • A $14 minimum wage. This translates to a 27% increase from $11.00 when we first launched the campaign.
  • Annual cost-of-living adjustments. Starting in 2020, the minimum wage will be adjusted on October 1 each year to keep up with inflation.
  • Job-protected emergency leave for sickness & bereavement. 1.7 million workers can no longer be fired for taking an unplanned day off.
  • Better rules against misclassification. Now, it's harder for employers to pretend their workers are "self-employed" to keep them from accessing protections under the Employment Standards Act

Over 2019, we continued the fight to protect workers against bad bosses. When a 5th temp worker was killed at Fiera Foods in September, we launched a targeted campaign demanding Premier Doug Ford implement an existing law to protect temp agency workers. Section 83(4) of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act is a previous win that makes companies using temp agency workers liable under WSIB when temp agency workers are killed or injured on the job. When enacted, this law will save lives! 

Following the broad public support we built in Ontario for our demands, nearly 1-million federally-regulated workers across Canada got new rights! 

  • The Canada Labour Code now includes 3 paid sick days (a first across the country!) and better scheduling rights. The right to equal pay for equal work and stronger enforcement rules will kick in next year.
  • PLUS: A $15 federal minimum wage - indexed to inflation - has been promised for 2020! For the thousands of federally-regulated workers earning a minimum wage of less than $12/hr, this wage increase will make a huge difference. Let's keep up the pressure to make sure the government implements this promise right away!

2019 was a tough year, but we built resistance -- and solidarity.

We joined forces with the Migrant Rights Network to push back against the politics of division. This was especially important during the federal election, when white supremacist leaders like Maxime Bernier tried to use racist and anti-immigrant politics to win votes. Instead he lost his seat!

Finally, as a testament to everyone's hard work, Now Magazine readers chose the Fight for $15and Fairness as the "Best Campaign of 2019"!

This award goes to you and thousands of other supporters who fuel this campaign with their time, energy and donations!

Chip-in now to help us build on this momentum: click here

Thank you again for all you've done to make 2019 a successful year.

It's clear we'll need to keep fighting in 2020 to protect what we have and take on bad bosses everywhere. 

We wish you and yours the very best for the holidays and for the year ahead.

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