May 11, 2015

‘Ontario employers cashing in on temporary workers’: 2nd article in Toronto Star series

Temp agency workers get paid lower hourly wages, don’t get benefits, and can sometimes be ‘temporary’ for years at the same workplace. Ontario’s Employment Standards Act doesn’t prevent any of that. Read today’s article, ‘Ontario employers cashing in on temporary workers’, the second in a four part series.

The Ontario government has launched a review of the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act in Ontario. This is an important opportunity for changing the laws to better protect workers. The Toronto Star is doing a four-part series on some of the key issues facing workers in precarious and low-wage jobs in the province. The series features interviews with workers talking about the ways in which the law doesn’t do enough to protect them – either because the law has not kept up with the changing nature of work, or because it has been hollowed out and is not adequately enforced.

These are the reasons that the Fight for $15 & Fairness is so important – because now is the time to bring fairness to Ontario workplaces and create decent jobs for workers.

Every Monday in May, read the stories and listen to the voices of workers who are demanding change, who are saying that it’s time for decent work now.

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