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    More than 2 out of every 3 people in Ontario support at least a $15 minimum wage. A growing number of leaders in the community, including doctors, faith leaders, teachers and politicians, are getting behind the Fight for $15 & Fairness. We are calling on every Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to take the $15 & Fairness pledge to become a decent work champion.

    As an MPP, I will fight to:

    Implement $15 & Fairness
    The $15 minimum wage and new laws brought in by the Ontario government are a good start. There are still too many workers who struggle everyday with little protection in the workplace. It’s clear we need even stronger laws to level the playing field between decent work employers and the big corporations that rely most on low wage, unstable employment.

    This means ensuring:

    1. A $15 minimum wage for ALL of us.
    2. Decent hours that we can live on and plan for
    3. Equal pay for equal work
    4. Respect at work
    5. Real job security
    6. Labour laws that protect everyone
    7. The right to organize and unionize
    8. Protection for migrant workers

    Fund $15 & Fairness
    I believe the Ontario Government must provide proper funding for the full implementation of a $15 and Fairness decent work agenda. 

    Protect $15 & Fairness
    I will keep fighting for $15 and Fairness and take on the Big Business lobby.

    Read the full pledge here.

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